professional Cable Testing Machine Fire Testing Equipment 40kg Weight Easy Maintenance

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: Compliance with GB/T 5464-2010 "methods for non-combustibility of construction materials"; Conformity to IS01182:2002 building materials fire response test - non-flammability test standard.
Model Number: ZY6017D
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: plastic package
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10 sets
Minimum Order Quantity:: 1 Packaging Details:: Plastic Package
Delivery Time:: 30 Working Days Payment Terms:: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability:: 10 Sets/month Power Supply: AC220V, 50HZ
Furnace:: Φ95mm×Φ75mm×Φ150mm Specimen Holder Mass: 15±2 G
Draught Shield:: Φ75mm×50mm Product Name: Buiding Material Fire Tester
Usage:: Non-Combustibility Test Apparatus Furnace Temperature:: 750±5℃
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flammability test equipment


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Non Combustible Building Material Flammability Test Apparatus 40kg Weight Easy Maintenance




This testing equipment measures non-combustibility and combustibility of uniform building materials and non-uniform building material of actual element.

The evaluations (results) are rising temperature in the furnace, basic mass loss and ignition of specimen.

This testing equipment fully satisfies KS F 2271, KS F ISO 1182 and ISO 1182 as international standards in the same time.

This testing equipment uses module type temperature controller to be stable over 60 minutes in the furnace condition of 750±5℃ and meets precise test result.

Another advantage is the automatic up-down specimen movement device for accurate results as well as user-friendly process. Thus, it doesn't matter who is test-users.

RS 232C communication and Data Acquisition Board is able to be accurate Interface of test values, so user can test the whole function and test by PC easily and automatically.

Suitable for determining whether the building materials flammability test under specified conditions.





EN ISO 1182 Reaction to fire tests for building products -- Non-combustibility test

GB/T 5464 Test Methods for building materials non-combustibility

BS 476-4 Fire tests on building materials and structures - Non-combustibility test





1. Test apparatus containing furnace,specimen holder,draught shield,thermocouples,voltage stabilizer,variable transformer,power controller,temperature indicator.

2. Furnace:Φ95mm×Φ75mm×Φ150mm,80/20 nickel/chromium electrical resistance tape 3mm wide and 0.2mm thick.

3. Specimen holder mass: 15±2 g

4. Draught shield: Φ75mm×50mm

5. Thermocouple:insulated nickel-chromium sheathed Φ0.3mm

6. Voltage stabilizer: 1.5KVA,accuracy of output voltage within ±1%

7. Variable transformer: 0~100V

8. Thermometer: 0~1000±5%

9. Timer: 0~99h

10. Power: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, current ≤10A

11. Furnace temperature: 750±5℃

12. Furnace temperature drift: <2℃/10min

13. Heating power: 800-1000W, maximum power:1.5KW

14. Gas source: gas or liquefied petroleum gas(if conditions permit,choose a better quality gas source)

15.Inside diameter of burner is Φ0.17mm,four Φ4mm air-conditioning hole.Flame height is easy to adjust.





1. Using 16-bit high-precision microcomputer control board,with reasonable structure,stable performance,easy operation;

2. Windows XP operate system,LabVIEW style,perfect security mechanisms.During testing real-time display measurement results,and dynamically draw perfect curve, the data can be stored permanently and read and print output,you can print it directly;

3. PC+Labview software control;

4. Furnace:using steel-tube mold making,uniform thickness, durability, heat resistance temperature > 1600C, the temperature uniformity.





1. The apparatus is made of combustion chamber and control chamber;

2. Combustion dimension: L700 * W400 * H850 (mm);

3. Combustion chamber and control chamber are made of high quality static-electronic steel plate,plastic-spray surface treatment and perfect appearance;

4. Internal parts are made of high quality stainless steel,and anti-rust.

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