2010 Worked With Indus Cables And HOOHA

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n 2010, at theShanghai International Wireand Tube Exhibition, Pakistan customer INDUS CABLES visited our booth and became interested in our equipment. After the exhibition, customers visited our factory. Through further communication and negotiation with customers, customers happily reached cooperation with us. The cooperation equipment includes cable coiling machine, 70+50 extrusion machine, two-colorextrusionhead, etc.

After 2 years of equipment use experience, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of the products produced by our equipment. With the continuous development of customers' business, Pakistan customer purchased additional100 extrusion machine from us in August 2012 to further explore new developments.

10 years of cooperation and companionship enablesus to witness the development of our customers. We are very happy that our customers continue to obtain new developments and gradually become a strong local cable companyin Pakistan.

In the process of growing with customers, our technology is constantly updated and improved, so as to provide more excellent cable equipment and cable technology to our customers, covering from cables, cable equipment, raw materials, auxiliary equipment, etc. The technologies and services we provide cover all levels of the entire cable industry chain, which can help customers continue to develop in all directions.


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