Algeria client visit shenzhen branch office,April 14th, 2023

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On April 14, 2023, we discussed at our office in Nanshan District Software Park, Shenzhen about the power cable solutions.

1: According to the discussion on what kind of problems you are facing with and how to make the power cable better,so that you should provide these stuff for me as below:
A: The sample of your power cable
B: The mold of your extruder machine

2 Meeting that we discuss to confirm
A: Confirm three production lines at 2 units 80, 1 unit 90+80 extruder
B Two types of take up machine ( one is 400-630, the second one is 800-1250)
C:2 unit 1040 high speed coiling machine
D:13 dies RBD drawing machine with annealer
E: Today's exchange rate is 6.82

3.About the machine details as below
A:2 units 80 extruder machine and 1 unit 90+80
1 2 units 80 extruder is to produce single core 1.5 mm ² / 2.5 mm ²
2 90+80 extruder is for 2x1.5 mm ² and 2x2.5 mm ²
3: Different kinds of wire can be produced

B: two types of take up machine(400-630/800-1250)
1: It is convenient for customers to enter the next process during production and reduce machine downtime
2: Save raw material electricity cost and labor cost

C:1040 high speed coiling machine
1: Customers according to their own factory equipment to choose automatic take-up
2: Customers can directly into the bag and use

The advantage of cooperate with Hooha
A Opportunities for complete technical support
B: Team service opportunities
C: Plant solution and machine design

Hope to have the opportunity to further understand, after cooperation, we can develop the relationship of agent.


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