cable making machines to Uzberkistan shipment on Feb, 2023.

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Thanks for our Uzbekistan client trust and support, he is HOOHA new client referred by our old client in Uzbekistan. Our old Uzbekistan client came to China to visit our factory in 2019, chose HOOHA among lots of suppliers, and established a cooperative relationship with us. And with HOOHA help, he successfully established his cable factory and earn a huge success in the cable business. After 2 years running the factory, he made a lot of money and built a new factory this year , planning to expand his business further.
the machines covered from wire drawing machine, spools, bunching machines, spools, extrusion machine , spools , coiling machine etc , team to support client at his business to save his time and money

(pictures is client's new factory )

At the same time, his friend saw a good prospect in the power cable market and decided to build a new cable factory too. He immediately found his friends and consulted reliable machine suppliers in China. Our old customers recommended HOOHA without hesitation, and highly praised our machine quality and excellent after-sales service.

The subsequent matters went very smoothly. We helped the new customer customize suitable the machines, accessories and factory layout needed for the new plant, and signed the contract within a week.

(Sign the contract and stamp)

Below pictures are the shipments

HOOHA is basic on Hongkong,factory is located in Dongguan, we are focusing on in-depth cooperation with Chinese leading manufacturers to provide advanced wire & cable making solutions.
Now we are continuously updating our technology, making great effort to keep improving our design level and R & D strength to provide customers with more superior cable solutions
Welcome to contact us : +861 3712309671 if you have any needs and questions , we will answer your questions and customize a service plan that best suits your needs.

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