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Ethernet cable

April 26, 2022

Nowadays, the demand of Ethernet or LAN cables continues to increase. This industry is extremely though and needs high quality and performant cables with efficient mechanical and chemical capabilities. Their historical application is the office, however, today the use of Ethernet cables is increasingly positioning itself also in the industrial sector. Indeed, more and more plants use Ethernet cables. The possibility to access single parts of the network massively reduces downtown periods, ensuring productivity.

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There are two main data Ethernet cable families:
1.Copper Ethernet cable
2.Optical fibre

These cables must withstand:
1.Extreme temperature (from -80°C to +185°C ) and humidity conditions up to 99%
2.Exposure to solvents, lubricants and other strong chemical agents
3.Exposure to sunlight/UV
4.Exposure to dust and oil
5.Abrasion and crushing
7.Presence of EMI/RFI

High quality materials are essential to ensure the most efficient and superior performance. The main failure for Ethernet cable producer is related to signal transmission issues, which are also related to the quality of materials and manufacturing process.

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Our wire and cable manufacturing expertise enables the development of customized solutions to overcome clients challenges. Being in the wire and cable industry since decades, we provide you with high quality, flexible and tested solutions. Moreover, we design and manufacture solutions with value in mind; from the design to the final delivery we can assist you. All our solutions are in line with international standards and norms.