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EV Charging Cable: All The Guidance You Need To Make The Right Choice

May 26, 2022

EV Charging Cable: All The Guidance You Need To Make The Right Choice

1. How To Choose The Right Type Of EV Charging Cable

There is no room for error when choosing an EV charging cable considering that it is extremely expensive. You must choose the right type for your vehicle at your first attempt. Generally speaking, there are three key aspects you ought to consider when selecting an ideal cable. The key aspects include the cable connector types, power/phase ratings, and cable length. Let us take an in-depth look at each of them.

Ü EV Charging Cable Connectors

There are several common charging cable connector types. You can easily identify the one that suits your car just by glancing at it. Most electric car models also come with a handbook which helps you to identify the connector that suits your vehicle. The two most common connector variants are type 1, type 2, CCS, and CHAdeMO. Type 1 and 2 variants are attuned to fast chargers. CCS and CHAdeMO are meant for rapid chargers. Old electric vehicle models mostly use an EV charging cable type 1. New electric vehicle models use an EV charging cable type 2. Nevertheless, you need a wall box operating at around 7 to 22 kilowatts to use this cable type.

Ü Power/Phase Ratings

It is advisable to choose a charging cable that’s rated to transmit enough voltage to charge your vehicle’s battery within the shortest time. Usually, charging cables come in 16 amperes and 32-ampere variants. Still, it is advisable to invest in a 32 ampere even if your vehicle’s onboard battery is rated for 16 amperes. Generally speaking, a 32 amps cable is denser than a 16 amps one. This will help you differentiate the two cable types.


2. Summary

You need an EV charging cable to plug into most public charging points. This post helps you to make the most appropriate choice for your vehicle. The points below summarize all the information above;

  • You need to pick a charging cable whose connector is equivalent to the one on your vehicle
  • Charging cables diverge in length, current rating and can transmit single or three-phase power
  • latest company news about EV Charging Cable: All The Guidance You Need To Make The Right Choice  0