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Flat Cables

April 26, 2022

Flat cables are very flexible wires and this is the reason why they can be also called FCC (Flat Flexible Cables). They represent an efficient answer to the increasing market's demand of new, smaller and thinner electronic devices. These devices are massively used in many different industries from aerospace and telecommunications to medical displays and robotics, including household equipment, IT equipment and consumer electronics like LCD flat panels, printers and plasma display panels.

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Flat cables consist of flat tin or aluminium or copper conductors insulated with flexible thermoplastic materials (like PVC) and PA films. The high flex life and low torque property of flat cables make FCC suitable where you need invisible circuitry. Moreover, thanks to their parallel conductor geometry, all the malfunction and wiring error sources are eliminated.
FFCs are mechanically strong and characterized by small dimensions, low profile, weight reduction, narrow width and fine pitch. Their nature allows the elimination of unnecessary insulation, thus saving space and enabling them to hug surfaces using the space in a more efficient way. All these benefits, together with their greater strength, greater current carrying capacity and reduction of skewing effect, make their electrical characteristics (inductance, time delay, crosstalk etc.) consistent.

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In order to make flat cables completely reliable, easy and fast to be installed, high quality is essential. No matter which FFC you need, we are able to design and manufacture efficient and high quality lines for the production of FFC from the wire conductors with our drawing machines (single wire or multi-wire version with in-line annealing), to the final insulation of the most hybrid flat cables with our extruders suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. Our solid expertise in the field enable us to tailor the most productive and cost-effective solution meeting your single need and industry requirements.