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Happy Girl's Day from All Of Us In Hooha(2022-03-07)

April 26, 2022

Girl day, originated in the late 1980s, general definition on March 7, on this day, 38 women's days, the day before is a caring girl, showing college girls' festival, through the cultural activities of the high grade, high style, lead the girl pay attention to their own ideological quality, moral character, cultural connotation, ability of business activity, mental health, It is one of the representatives of interesting culture on campus.

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On the afternoon of March 7th, to celebrate the arrival of girls' Day, all the staff of Hooha went to the cafe for coffee. Afternoon sun is very warm, under the sun, we drink coffee, while chatting, like a happy big family. After that, we also presented flowers to the girls in the company and wished them a happy Girls' Day, and wish all girls a happy Girl's Day.