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Hooha and Algeria Customer Made a Cooperation

December 11, 2020

In 2018, the customer contacted us and consulted us for the automatic coiling and wrapping machine. At the same time, customers also subscribed our Youtube channel, which further deepened their understanding of our successful cases and product quality.

Our automatic coiling and wrapping machine adopts advanced technology, which greatly optimizes the operation of the equipment and better meet the needs of customers. Because of our rich and mature export experience of the automatic coiling and wrapping machine, we are more aware of how to better provide our customers with suitable equipment and service.

At the beginning, the customer compared a lot of automatic coiling and wrapping machine providers in the market. After many comparisons, the customer said that the quality of our products were very suitable for their production needs, the price was also very competitive, and they also tended to communicate with us because our reply would be more timely. In the end, they chose to buy equipment from us.

After the PI was signed, the project was temporarily suspended due to the customer's factory relocation. In the following two years, both of us have maintained close contact. In 2020, the customer's new factory was arranged and the project was ready to restart, so he contacted us and immediately signed a contract with us.

We sincerely hope that our customers' new projects can run smoothly, and we wish our customers' business to a higher level. It would be so glad to create more value for our customers and grow together with them.

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