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HOOHA and GTI Made a Deal

May 31, 2022

HOOHA and GTI Made a Deal

Due to the company's development needs, customers needed to purchase rewinding machines. On our B2B platform, customers initially became interested in the products we displayed and contacted us.

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After further online communication, the customer decided to come to China to visit our company. The customer had a very professional understanding of the equipment and arranged a dedicated team of engineers to conduct in-depth on-site technical discussions with us. Relying on our many years of practical experience, we have solved the doubts of customers step by step, and also provided customers with satisfactory solutions by drawing drawings on site. Afterwards, we also showed customers the production workshop of the equipment, and the trial process of the rewinding machine, so that customers could understand our production quality in a better way.

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We have many years of successful cases in the global market. The successful case of our rewinding machine in the Nigerian market has deeply attracted customers, facilitating customers to confirm their cooperation with us in a short period of time. In order to provide better services to customers, our business manager personally visited the customer's factory to understand the customer's needs more clearly, so as to better provide customers with more considerate and professional services.

Thank customers for their trust in us. For each customer, we will serve them attentively, bring the most suitable and cutting-edge solutions to customers, and accompany them to grow together.