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With the hot summer coming, the new project emerge in rapid succession, Hooha technical team start the Southeast Asia trip when 16th July. This trip Hooha upholds the principle of free machine maintaince for old customers, to enhance Hooha's quality service and attitude, and to bring customers a better sense of experience.

Our first stop is our old customer's factory, HOOHApartner.
The customer's market range is power cables, audio cables.,etc. Hooha's engineering team helped the customer to check the parameter settings of the production line, debugged whether the machine was running properly, and made constructive production suggestions, such as:
1. How to clean the striping machine so that no raw material is left behind
2. How to synchronize the production line speed
3. How to maintain the machine
4. How to prevent the raw material from burning
5. How to minimize production errors

During the technical meeting, the customer gave us feedback on how the machine has been used in recent years, and made many innovative suggestions, to which Hooha proposed solutions and related operation al instructions .

At the same time, the main purpose of the visit was to discuss with the customer about the project of 80+90/90+100 tandem production line, which will help to expand the cable production business.

With the trust and the quality of the products, Hooha and the customer reached a new cooperation project, and the customer paid part of the deposit to Jack as a gift for the sincere cooperation.

On behalf of Hooha, I would like to thank our customers for their trust and support!

HOOHA not only manufactures machines, but also helps our customers to expand their future business and market by proposing our suggestions, based on the principle of mutual assistance under the principle of friendly cooperation.

HOOHA also gradually expand their own business, and customers side by side with the progress and development, and customer business trends in the same frequency, in order to achieve the industry leader to continuously improve our services and product quality, Hooha's ultimate goal is to become a leader in the cable industry, as the saying goes: 'where there's a will, there's a way, which will become our company continue to advance and This will be our strong motivation to keep moving forward and optimize ourselves.

HOOHA next stop will be a silicone and power cable manufacture. See you then!


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