HOOHA Uzbekistan customers expand business and place new orders.

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Congratulations! HOOHA Uzbekistan customers place an order again!
This Uzbekistan customer came to China to visit the factory in 2019, chose HOOHA among lots of suppliers, and established a cooperative relationship with us. HOOHA has lived up to the trust of customers with its rich professional knowledge, excellent product quality and meticulous after-sales service, it has proved that the customer's choice is correct.
After more than 2 years of the epidemic, the customer's business has not deteriorated, but has gotten better. This year they decided to expand production and add machines. Then they contact HOOHA rapidly.
HOOHA always grows with customers and accompanies customers to make progress together. Sincerely wish our customers more and more prosperous business.
2022.9.5 send an inquiry
2022. 9.5 Make a confirmation with client
2022. 9.5 Customer confirms machine details


2022. 9.5 client f inalized and confirmed all machines

2022. 9.19 Customer sends contract

2022. 10.12 C lient confirms the contract and s tamp with signature.

2022. 10.13 client doing down payment

the payment money trasfer but block in US for 1 month,and finally our finace received it. it is not easy but thankful for client's trust and do not heasitate to supporting us.

HOOHA is always committed to providing the most satisfactory solutions to our customers.If you have any needs and questions, please contact us: +8613763134250, we will be able to answer your questions and customize a service plan that best suits your needs.

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