HOOHA Worked With South Korea Client In OFC Cable Coiling And Wrapping Machine

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In the first month of 2021, Hoohareached a cooperation with a Korean customer, and the customer ordered our 1860 automatic coiling and wrapping machinefor packaging the customer's large optical cable (diameter 17MM). It wasa good startfor 2021.

At that time,Chinese New Year holiday wasapproaching, the delivery date wouldbe delayed.But the customer has great confidence in our products, gave us great trust and arranged a prepayment according to 60% of the order amount.

In March, after the equipment was completed, ourcustomer arranged for personnel to come to the factory to inspect the machine. For the customer's large optical cable, we inquired about a number of factories and finally found a power cable of the same specificationfor testing themachine, saving the cost for the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the packaging effect of the cable, arranged the balance payment. At the same time, we haveworked withcustomer's freight forwarder to arrange booking and shipment.

While testing the machine, we took a lot of videos to show customers how to wire and operate the equipment, and prepared circuitdiagrams and operating instructions, which were sent to customers at the same time as the equipment was shipped. Because of this, after the customer received the equipment in early April, the equipment installation and test were completed in only two days. In addition to the customer’s professional technical staff, the videos and manuals prepared by us also really played an importantrolein operation guiding. Wedidn’tsend technicians for on-site installation and training, customers can use our equipment normally, which greatly improves the customer's operating efficiency and reduces operating costs.



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