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How To Protect EV Charging Cable From Theft

May 26, 2022

Has somebody ever told you that nobody can steal your charging cable? The idea that charging cables are theft-proof is a myth my dear friends. Most EV charging cable manufacturers recognize the risk of theft of this extremely expensive cable. Consequently, they have built in a locking mechanism that kicks in every time you plug in the charger to the vehicle. Regrettably, such locking mechanisms are not always foolproof. In fact, recent studies suggest that cable thieves use little more than visceral force to detach the cable. Considering that the cables are pretty costly, how do you protect them from potential theft?

First, you need to understand that there are several reasons that may push someone to steal your EV charging cable. For some people, it is an excellent way to make some quick cash. There is a huge secondary market for this type of cable, especially because a new one is so expensive. It would be wise to secure your cable as much as you can to avoid unnecessary expenses in case of theft. Well, there are several ways of protecting your cable. Here are a few that are worth considering;

Ü Use A Padlock

Padlocks have been around for several decades. More importantly, they work and are very cheap. Most electric vehicles have a loop which allows you to secure your cable using a padlock. If your car does not have a dedicated loop you can coil the cable through one of the wheel spokes. Once you do that you can lock the padlock over the cable with the spoke acting as a loop.

Ü Use Your Car Boot As A Locking Mechanism

This technique works best if you are dealing with the longest EV charging cable in the market. All it takes to secure your cable is to trap it through the boot’s locking mechanism. Is your cable too short? You should consider investing in a heavy-duty EV charging cable extension from leading manufacturers such as hooha.

Ü Park Your Car On The Cable

This is a high-risk option because the weight of the car may damage the cable. However, if you find yourself no other option, parking on the cable is an effective way of securing it. You have to position the cable on the ground and roll the car over it. You must leave enough slack to minimize tension that may damage the cable.

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