Several value drivers concern the solutions we provide. In the extrusion area, we cite the capacity and quality of the final product. Equally important is reduced production costs. Here are how these values influence the production outcome:

Production capacity

  • Higher line speeds
  • Quality ramps = availability

Lower production cost per kilometre

  • Possibility to use cheaper materials
  • Labour cost
  • Reduced amount of scrap
  • OEE


From a cable cost point of view, we consider output stability to be the most important factor. A stable output over time and extrusion linearity across the speed range is what determines a truly stable process. A generous processing window characterizes Maillefer’s helical grooved feeding. Our extruders offer excellent output stability, which is especially beneficial when ramping up or down the line.

When the extruder output is fully stable, it simplifies the operator’s role. During line starts, for example, a lot is going on. The operator’s attention is occupied with things like marking, guiding the splice through the cooling troughs, reel change at take-up, etc. Being able to rely on the extruder to deliver the expected output allows one to focus on the many other events that occur during production. The extrusion process does not require added efforts and interventions that may even lead to generating scrap.


Naturally, screws are of great importance. Maillefer has decades of experience in screw design and related process condition optimization. A large variety of screw designs are available, ranging from general-purpose screws like our Daisy or Fabiola that process everything from PVC, PE, XLPE, and many grades of nylon, all the way to dedicated screws like the Q15 for HFFR and Frida for soft materials like TPU.

Extruder dimensions are available in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm, for various materials, product requirements, and extrusion applications. Also, we have a large selection of crossheads suited for small copper Telecom applications, large subsea sheathing applications, high-temperature fluoropolymers to general building wire product materials, and everything in between.


We carefully test each extruder individually before it’s shipped out in the field. And if ever you wish to prove your extrusion processes or product developments, do it with us. You will find our lab equipped with everything you need at our R&D Center. The facility offers a dedicated environment to help in advancing your extrusion possibilities.