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LV Cables

April 26, 2022

Power low voltage cables (LV cables) are used for electrical equipment with a voltage rating between 50 to 1000V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500V for direct current, thereby they are not subjected to high electric stress. They are mainly made of plain or tinned copper or solid or stranded aluminium, and the wire can have a circular, compacted or shaped configuration.

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For this application, cables can be either flexible or rigid and sheathed with different thermoplastic material. The insulation materials used for the power low voltage cables are PVC, XLPE and HFFR / LS0H.

The demand of these electric power cables has grown consistently in the last decades, due to the massive daily use of society in terms of electrical devices in residential areas and commercial and industrial places.

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Power LV cables are used in many applications including:
4.Sound and security
5.Video surveillance
6.Fire alarm

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HOOHA offers a wide range of solutions that can be clients-driven to meet markets specifications and satisfy the industry's continuously evolving demands for higher technical performance. As a manufacturer, designer and supplier of power low voltage manufacture solutions, we have a great understanding and all technical expertise to boost your productivity with the best quality engineering solutions available on the market. HOOHA can support you from the drawing (single wire & multi-wire) to the extrusion (insulation & sheathing), passing through the wire assembling (bunching).