There’s a constantly growing need for fast and reliable communication networks. That’s why fibre optic cables are indispensable as a transmission medium nowadays. They manage long transmission distances and high bandwidths, are resistant to electromagnetic interference and offer a high level of protection against interception. Under the brand name HITRONIC®, LAPP already offers an extensive portfolio for fibre optic cable technology. Two new glass optical fibre (GOF) cables specifically for PROFINET networks are an optimal addition to the portfolio.

The HITRONIC® GOF DUPLEX PNB is one of these. The product name says it all: glass fibre + PROFINET + building installation in one! The highly flame-retardant breakout cable is ideal for control cabinets and structured building cabling within PROFINET networks. Both the individual cables inside and outer sheath are halogen-free and highly flame-retardant (halogen-free LSZH compound) and reduce the risk of flame propagation, high smoke density and toxic flue gases in the event of a fire. This is also confirmed by the high CPR classification according to EU Directive 305/2011 (BauPVO/CPR). Nonmetallic aramid yarns provide strain relief, and the use of non-metallic materials inside the cable causes no electromagnetic interference. The new breakout cable can be easily assembled on-site due to its flexible and compact design. It comes in different GOF fibre categories (OM1 – OM3, OS2).

The fibre optic cable is ideal for flexible use in the PROFINET network (type B), in control cabinets and for structured building cabling in the secondary and tertiary sectors according to EN 50173 and ISO/IEC 11801. It’s also ideally suited for fixed and protected installation in dry rooms, for example in installation ducts, cable conduits, in the riser zone and hollow ceilings and floors, as well as for short distances.

The new HITRONIC® GOF DUPLEX PNC is even tougher. The fibre optic cable for PROFINET is constantly in motion. The breakout cable combines drag chain, torsion and alternating bending properties, making it suitable for moving applications, vibration or torsion within PROFINET networks. The durable cable was successfully tested for 1.5 million bending cycles in the drag chain and for 1.5 million alternating bending cycles in the TicToc bending test. Its cable design allows rotations with torsion angles of up to ± 180°/m. Non-metallic aramid yarns provide strain relief. And as no metal-containing materials were used inside, this cable is also protected from electromagnetic interference.

The HITRONIC® GOF DUPLEX PNC is a particularly resistant product thanks to abrasion, notch and cut-resistant PU outer sheath material. The PU outer sheath withstands high mechanical stress, is resistant to mineral oil-based lubricants and is often chemical resistant. The halogen-free sheath compound also meets stringent fire protection requirements. Another advantage is that the breakout cable can be easily assembled on-site and it’s available in different GOF fibre categories (OM1 – OM3, OS2).

Santosh Chandrashekhar, Product Manager Automation at U.I. Lapp GmbH: “With the two new GOF products, LAPP now offers PROFINET cables in all three major fibre types: GOF for glass optical fibre, POF for plastic optical fibre and PCF for plastic-coated fibre. There’s something for every application.”