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Signal And Safety Cables

April 26, 2022

Signal and safety cables are mainly fieldbus systems, which dominate the industrial network in the petrochemical and process industries. Since they are used under extreme environmental conditions, they are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive effects of extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, humidity as well as oil and UV exposure.

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Concerning signal cables, when the target is the control, PROFIBUS is one of the largest open industrial fieldbusses in the world and there are different types as PROFIBUS DP for factory, PROFIBUS PA for process automation, PROFIsafe for safety-related systems and PROFIdrive for motion control.

Safety cables are mainly used for public buildings, tunnels, traction and station equipment. These cables must satisfy high requirements for flame retardant, fire retardancy and fire resistance.

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HOOHA has a stable expertise in the drawing, bunching and extrusion of wires dedicated to this application. Thanks to its historical know how shared to all its employees, it is able to tailored the most cost effective solution on the market meeting your specific requirements. No matter any challenges, we have all the skills to assess at most your needs and provide you with an efficient and productive line. We have an holistic approach taking care of each step of the production without missing any parts of it. This gave you the safety to be in good hands to maximize production reducing redundant costs.