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Silicone Insulated Wire

May 26, 2022

Still, you need to check and ensure that the cable meets all necessary cable construction specifications before purchasing it. Popular informative platforms such as the American insulated wire catalog provide essential information about cable construction standards. The IEC 60502 is one of the leading international standards governing this type of cable construction.


Silicone Insulated Wire

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This type of wire is not as popular as PVC and XLPE wires, especially because silicone is expensive. Nevertheless, it has several benefits, especially when dealing with industrial applications. Apart from its unrivaled flexibility, silicone possesses outstanding thermal properties. In essence, it can function optimally at temperatures as high as 2000 Celsius and as low as -900 Celsius. Silicone does not have the same mechanical properties as PVC, XLPE, and other popular insulation materials. However, leading manufacturers take appropriate measures to improve the mechanical resistance of the silicone insulated wire.

In addition to the wires mentioned above, there are several other types of cables with insulation. The most notable ones include;


  • Rubber insulated wire
  • EPR insulated Wire
  • Teflon insulated wire
  • PTFE insulated wire
  • FEP insulated wire