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Submarine cable industry analysis Submarine cable industry future development trend forecast

November 30, 2022

Submarine cable industry analysis Submarine cable industry future development trend forecast

Submarine cable (submarine cable) is a cable wrapped with insulating material, laid on the seabed, used for telecommunications transmission. Submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables and submarine power cables. Modern submarine cables use optical fiber as the material to transmit telephone and Internet signals. Wire and cable is the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the national economy.


Submarine cable industry analysis

Wire and cable is the transmission of electrical energy, information and the manufacture of various motors, instruments, meters, electromagnetic energy conversion indispensable basic equipment, electrification, information society is an important basic supporting industry, its products are widely used in electric power, energy, construction, transportation, communications, engineering machinery, automotive and other fields.


Wire and cable industry as one of the largest supporting industries in the national economy, ranking second in China's machinery industry segments, second only to automobile manufacturing and parts and accessories manufacturing.


Submarine cable as a key medium to achieve power supply between inland and islands, offshore platforms and offshore wind farms transmission, is a strong guarantee of coastal economic development and resource development.


According to the China Research Institute of Industrial Research "2022-2027 China submarine cable industry development analysis and investment risk forecast report" analysis.


With the continuous promotion of the ocean power strategy, coastal islands and inland supply grid interconnection scale is expanding, the safe and stable operation of the submarine cable network is of great significance to ensure social stability and economic development, so the submarine cable industry demand will continue to grow.


China's submarine cable industry in recent years has shown a fluctuating upward trend, in 2020 by the offshore wind power "rush to install the tide" pull, in 2020 China's submarine cable market size increased significantly by 12.64% year-on-year, about a total of 13.4 billion yuan, reaching the peak in recent years, in 2021 due to industry demand overdraft, market growth shrunk, the size of 13.7 billion yuan, a small increase of 2.24%.


Submarine cable industry future development trend forecast

The future development of the submarine cable industry or three major trends, namely, national strategies to drive the industry for the better, product demand to the high-end market; industry development tends to scale, concentration is expected to steadily increase, as well as industry competition from price to quality, brand change.


Submarine cable industry products are more customized, different projects have different solutions, and submarine cables in offshore wind power, offshore communications construction is just a field of demand, the market size continues to grow, the submarine cable market size is expected to reach 20.3 billion yuan in 2027, an increase of 9.1%.