Warmly congratulate Hooha on the success of the 2023 USA INTERWIRE EXPOSITION

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2023 USA INTERWIRE EXPOSITION opened on May 09, 2023 and ended on May 11, 2023. Warmly celebrate the perfect ending of Hooha in this exhibition.

USA INTERWIRE EXPOSITION is the largest professional exhibition for wire and cable industry in North America and one of the largest exhibitions for wire industry in the world. The show has nearly 400 companies from nearly 20 countries participating, with professional buyers from dozens of countries and regions. It is an important opportunity to enter the U.S. and North and South American markets.

USA Interwire exposition has an important position in the minds of buyers. During the communication, many buyers said that most of their company's annual purchase list is completed at this show, and they are also willing to recommend the show to their friends and customers.

In this exhibition, we mainly exhibited power cable, network cable and fiber optic cable equipments, such as wire drawing machine, extrusion machine, stranding machine, packaging machine, etc..

The power cable, network cable, fiber optic cable, PTFE tube, all kinds of accessories and product solutions exhibited by Hooha attracted a lot of new and old customers. Many customers who attended the exhibition expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Hooha. Some customers consulted the product usage, some consulted the process parameters, and some negotiated the cooperation. Many customers made detailed consultation and exchanged business cards on site, hoping to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.

On-site introduction:
In the field, we can see that the whole exhibition hall exhibits range mainly around wire and cable / wire manufacturing equipment:
Wire: wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, cable manufacturing, wire and cable, fiber optic cable special machinery, auxiliary processing materials and wire products, fasteners.
Materials: wire spools, raw materials and special cables, wire and cable accessories, cable connectors and connectors, electromagnetic, electrical products.

This exhibition has enabled Hooha to reach cooperation intentions with many customers and also brought new opportunities for Hooha's future development. And after the US exhibition, Hooha will also participate in the Russia exhibition, Thailand exhibition and Shanghai exhibition this year. Hooha warmly welcomes all customers to consult!

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