Drawing Die
Drawing Die
Drawing Die
Drawing Die
Drawing Die
Drawing Die

Drawing Die

Used for wire drawing, install in drawing machine

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Product Description
1. Application
Wire drawing molds are widely used, such as electronic devices, radar, television, instruments and aerospace and other high-precision wire, as well as commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire. Wire cable wire and all kinds of alloy wire are drawn by diamond drawing die. The diamond drawing die has extremely strong wear resistance and long service life because of the use of natural diamond as raw material.

2. Advantage
1. Superior strength, toughness and high wear resistance with long working life .
2. 100% virgin tungsten carbide materials
3: ISO 9001 quality control system
4: Professional suggestion on products
5: Is very wide, mainly for drawing bar, wire, wire, pipes and other linear objects difficult to process for steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metals and alloys drawing processing;

3. Parameter
Grades Density g/cm3 T.R.S MPa Hardness HRA Performance & application recommended
HH11 14.4 2600 88.5 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
HH15 14.0 2800 87.5 For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubes and rods under High compressibility ratio; punching,stamping,forging tools under large
HH20 13.5 3200 85.5 For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical instruments, battery jars, small sized steel balls, screws, screw caps.
HH16C 13.9 2900 85.5 Impact resistance forging dies.
HH18C 13.7 3100 84.5 Impact resistance forging dies, hot-press forging dies and rollers.
HH20C 13.5 3300 83.5 Dies for wear resistant or impact resistant application.
HH22C 13.3 3500 83.0 Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
HH25C 13.1 3600 82.5 Stainless bolt header dies and rollers.
Manufacturing And Testing
1. Blank Casting
2. Diamond setting
3. Coning
4. Cylindrica Grinding
5. Laser Drilling
6. Shaping and Polishing
7. Hole Size Calibration
8. Casing Polishing
9. Label Processing
10. Finished Dies
11. Quality Checking
Shipping And Packing
MOQ: 1 piece
Package: PE film+foaming film+plastic box+carton box
Transportation cost: 
To Africa: USD 75
To South Asia: USD 45
To South America: USD 135

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