Independent Motor Driven Laying Up Machine 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: 1250
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: PE foam
Delivery Time: 45 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Application: Twist Cable Size: 5mm-35mm
Loading Weight: 2000/3000/4000 Motor Power: 44/55/75 KW
Back Twist Motor: 11/15/18.5 KW Export: 12 Years
HS Code: 8479400 Bobbin: 1000/1250/1600
Technical: Program,install,training,operate
High Light:

wire maker machine


wire manufacturing machine


1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine (Independent motor driven)



Laying up machine is mainly used for the cabling of power cables or control cables,and the stranded cables may be round or fan-shaped cables.Laying up machine is mainly composed of pay-off racks, stranding cages, die holder, wrapping equipment, steel wrapping device, meter counter,casptan, take-up & traverse rack, transmission system and electrical control system.


1. Pay-off

2. Φ1250 /1+1+3 Cage: Pay-off Bobbin: PN1250

Max.Loading Capacity: 2T Cage Rotating Speed: 10.9~26r/min Laying-up Pitch: Step-less

3. Φ600 Dual Taping Machine

Max.O.D. of Passable Cable: Φ120mm Max. Speed of Taping Head: 500r/min Taping Pitch: 20~208mm (Step-less)

4. Φ800 Steel Tape Armoring Machine

Max.O.D. of Passable Cable: Φ120mm Max. Speed of Armoring Head: 300r/min Armoring Pitch: 20~305mm (Step-less)

5. Φ2000 Dual Capstan: Diameter of Capstan Wheel: Φ2000mm

Hauling off Line Speed: 3.5~26m/min

Max. Hauling-off Force: 3000kg

6. Φ2500 Portal Type Take-up



Type CLY-1000 CLY-1250 CLY-1600
Wire cross-section (mm²) 6-150 30-240 50-300
Stranding die (MAX) (mm) Φ60 Φ80 Φ100
Cage rotation (rpm) 20-45 13.6-32.1 5.9-14.1
Stranding pitch (mm) 94-1550 183-3213 324-5893
Taping rotation (rpm) 171-380
Taping pitch (mm) 11-178 16-256 12-202
Armoring rotation (rpm) 153-340
Armoring pitch (mm) 12-207 18-293 14-238
Capstan wheel (mm) Φ1600 Φ2000 Φ2500
Capstan line speed (m/min) 4.22-30.96 5.9-43.7 4.6-34.8
Bobbin in the cage PN1000 PN1250 PN1600
Central payoff bobbin PN800-PN1600 None
Take-up bobbin PN1000- PN2000 PN1250- PN2500 PN1600-PN3150
Main motor (KW) 44 55 75


Independent Motor Driven Laying Up Machine 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type 0

Independent Motor Driven Laying Up Machine 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type 1

What does your company guarantee for machines if we buy it ? 

1. We guarantee to offer new advanced goods.

2. We'd like to send skilled personnel to the installing place to help offer technical consultant, quantity estimation and instruction,installing, preliminary testing,and help start up running; and to answer for any defect of the product found in installing and run testing,If there's something wrong with the product, we'll give our answer within 12 hours and get to the spot within 36 hours.

3. After installation,We'll send skilled personnel to have the preliminary test and answer for any problems emerged. We take the whole charge of the fee needed in repairing,testing or retesting within the scope of our duty required in contract.

4. During the contract's period of validity,of the project must be started all over again or the goods can not be used at all which is resulted from our faulty goods and improper files or mistakes made by our instructors, we'll change the goods at once without compensation and take charge in all expenses of re-installation


Independent Motor Driven Laying Up Machine 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type 2


Q: What is your company experience to buyers ? 


HOOHA is a manufacturing and trading combo for wire and cable industry field , with more than 15 years full experience and a professional team on sales and technical .


At HOOHA our mission is to be a team of highly skilled experts who collaborate to bring the best quality products, custom solutions, and innovative thinking to our customers.


1. Our pre-service team for machine designer ( 5 member) and wire and cable engineering (5) are over 15 years experience;

2. After service on electricity engineer (10), machinical engineer(8),software engineer(5) are over 10 years experience;

3. Sales team who is specialized in wire and cable engineering field ( 10 ) , are over 8-10 years experience in focus ;

4. Production self-inspection team ( 5 ) , are over 15 years experience .


Independent Motor Driven Laying Up Machine 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type 3


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