Monitor Teaching Demonstration Laboratory Electrical Test Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: ZY6204
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wood, plastic as customer requiry
Delivery Time: 25-35Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 15set/1 month
Color: White Current Meter: AC/DC, Range 0~500A, Accuracy: 0.5
Warranty: 12 Month Delivery Dates: 30 Working Days
Payment: TT 100% Package: Wood Package
Low Voltage Test Power: AC12V, 300A, Voltage Deviation Range Plus Or Minus 2%; Power 3.6 Kw Insulation Resistance Test: For Digital Display
Voltmeter: AC/DC, Range 0~300V, Accuracy: 0.5 Test Voltage: 10~1000V
High Light:

500A Electrical Test Equipment


300A Electrical Test machine

ZY6204 Electrical Test Equipment Test Monitor Teaching Demonstration Laboratory


Scope of application:

Suitable for experimental teaching and monitoring of electric fire simulation;

Through experimental teaching and the actual verification, can deepen students understanding of electrical fire prevention theory, make the students of electrical fire causes and some electrical fire prevention measures have a comprehensive understanding of the basic method of electric experiment and basic skills as well as the practical application of the instrument, strengthen the cultivation of the ability to integrate theory with practice, improve the comprehensive ability to use knowledge.

The whole experiment includes experiment part, measurement part, signal acquisition part, signal processing and control part, power supply part, load part, teaching demonstration part and so on.


Meet the standard:

Experimental project:

Short circuit ignition test;

Overload ignition experiment;

Local overheating ignition experiment;

Spark discharge ignition experiment;

Equipment roasting experiment.


Main features:

Using the projector, the test results are projected onto the screen directly, and the real-time teaching can be saved and repeated.

The diagram of the working principle of the instrument and the demonstration of the use method;

A set of teaching software and operating software;

Demonstration of the principle of automatic input device for low-voltage backup power supply;

The structure and operation principle of automatic air switch;

Work principle demonstration of electrical fire monitoring system (main components: leakage detector, temperature detector, current detector, bus and monitoring equipment);

Electrostatic potential, electricity, resistance measurement, demonstration electrostatic generation mechanism and its influencing factors.


Main parameters:

Main composition: test box, five functional simulation experiment, control system, real-time monitoring fire system, teaching demonstration system, power supply system, load part, etc.

Test box: length 2.0 M, width 1.5 M, high 2.0 M; Aluminum alloy frame structure with 1.2mm steel plate static baking paint;

With multiple viewing Windows; High temperature glass.

Test bench: 1.2m long, 0.5m wide and 1.2m high; with the wheel lock, can move or lock;

Test load: impedance load;

Power supply:

Low voltage test power: AC12V, 300A, voltage deviation range plus or minus 2%; Power 3.6 kw

Single phase ac power: 0~ 220V, 20A, voltage deviation range plus or minus 2%; Power 5.0 kw;

Voltmeter: AC/DC, range 0~300V, accuracy: 0.5

Current meter: AC/DC, range 0~500A, accuracy: 0.5

Timer: 0~99.99min, accuracy 0.1 S/H;

Insulation resistance test: for digital display.

Test voltage: 10~1000V

Resistance range: 0 ~ 2 g Ω;

Accuracy: less than 3%;

Temperature measurement, temperature measurement range of 0 ~ 1500 ℃, precision: 0.5 ℃, USES the module is connected to the computer, input: 0 ~ 100 mv, output: 0 ~ 10 v, be sure to have a computer communication, real-time temperature curve.

Recording and taking photos: the recording time is not less than 5 hours, the pixel of the camera is not less than 8 million;

Video camera: the pixel is not less than 1920Px~1080px, with I/O output, communication with the computer, and the real-time video camera can be saved for reference.

Control part:

Through the computer to automatically monitor the whole process of test, the test voltage, the current test, the test temperature, test the temperature in the cabinet, the relative humidity data acquisition and display, the test is like audio, video saved;

The test voltage, test current and test temperature are formed in real time to save and print the printed report. In order to analyze the factors of electrical fire formation and electrical fire prevention and control measures.


Technical services:

Wind system and ventilation system with adjustable wind speed

The temperature of the baking equipment is adjustable

Toxic gas detector and alarm

Two sets of gas masks

Electronic fire equipment

The anti-wear characteristics of various switching equipment under different high pressure conditions

The wires are embedded in the material

Temperature fields must be measurable such as the number and distribution of thermocouples

The computer is the Lenovo brand

Control platform can adjust various parameters



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Dongguan Jinju Machine Co., Ltd is HOOHA Company Limited factory, which was established in 1998,with full experience on wire and cable machinery manufacturers in Dongguan,China.
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Company name HOOHA Co.,Ltd
Established 2003
Main products Upcast and continuous casting machine,wire extrusion machine,wire stranding machine,wire drawing machine,test machine and so on.
Value added service Include factory planning, cable raw material supply,cable equipment layout,cable technology export,technical support and operation training and cable testing laboratory construction.
Factory location Humen Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong province.
Manufacturing Center 8000 sqm
Showroom More than 2000 sqm.


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