Fume Density 6m GB / T17651.1 ~ 2 - 1998 Wire Testing Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: ZY6166
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wood, plastic as customer requiry
Delivery Time: 25-35Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10set/1 month
Color: White Adopt Standard: GB/T17651.1 ~ 2-1998
Warranty: 12 Months Delivery Dates: 30 Working Days
Payment: TT 100%
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Fume Density Wire Testing Equipment


6m Wire Testing Equipment

GB / T17651.1 ~ 2 - 1998 Wire Testing Equipment ZY6166 For Fume Density Test


Scope of application:

The density testing machine for electric wire and cable is applicable to the determination of the concentration of cable and optical cable when burning under certain conditions.

Working principle:

The smoke density optical system of cable or optical cable under certain conditions is composed of light source, silicon photocell receiver and computer system. Light source of light by 3 m x 3 m x 3 m smoke density of the laboratory, in the wall opposite the light source form a uniform beam diameter 1.5 m + 0.1 m, the installation of the photocell detection in the center of the beam intensity of light from a light source. When the combustion chamber due to generate a lot of smoke when burning cable or optical cable, the smoke of photoelectric absorption, achieve the silicon photocell beam intensity is abate, through the computer system for data processing, will be able to calculate the relative to the initial 100% with linear response light transmittance of It.


Meet the standard:

Conformity to GB/T17651.1 ~ 2-1998 smoke density determination of cable and cable under certain conditions.


Main features:

Product features:

The instrument relates to the professional knowledge of mechanical, optical and electronic aspects. It is an integrated product of photoelectric, with the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation. WindowsXP operating interface, Labviewstyle, perfect security mechanism. During the test, the measurement results are displayed in real time and the perfect curve is plotted dynamically. The data can be saved, read and printed on a permanent basis, and the report can be printed directly.


Main parameters:

Equipment structure:

The smoke density testing machine mainly consists of combustion chamber, optical measuring system, combustion device, temperature measuring device and assembly control system.

Combustion chamber: use SUS304 thick 1.5mm stainless steel to be fixed on the square bracket, and constitute the entire cube combustion chamber.

Internal dimensions: L3000*W3000*H3000(mm)

Structure: positive with glass observation window, on both sides of the relative of a transparent seal window on the wall, size: 100 mmx100mm, let level light beam through a measurement device, sealing window of the center distance of the ground height is 2150 mm. The bottom is open with a number of vent holes, and the vent hole is 100x500mm(50 square centimeters); The bottom has six wheels and six casters; There is an exhaust fan at the top.

Optical measurement system:

Source: imported quartz halogen lamp, nominal power: 100W nominal voltage: 12V nominal light return: 2000-3000lm

Receiver: spectral response matches the photometer of international lighting chairman (CIE).

Installation: installed at one end of the pipe with a length of 150. The other end is a dustproof window. The inner wall of the tube is glossy black and anti-reflection.

Transmittance: the transmittance of light is 0%. The transmittance is 100% light without shade.

Standard ignition source: the source of fire is 1.0l alcohol: 90% ethanol, 4% methanol and 6% water

Alcohol plate (burning boat) : for stainless steel thickness 1.0mm;

Bottom dimension: 210x110mm, top surface: 240x140mm, height 80mm;

Installation position: the height of the alcohol tray is 100mm high and the air is in circulation.

Smoke mixing: use a desktop fan to distribute the smoke evenly in the combustion chamber. The fan shaft is 250mm from the ground, 500mm with wall and 7 cubic meters of air. The air is blown by the fan during the test.

Blank test: the purpose is to regulate the temperature of the combustion chamber to reach regulation, burning alcohol lamp to make the temperature of the combustion chamber to: 25 + / - 5 ℃.

Temperature measuring device: 1.5m from the ground level and 0.5M from the wall. Monitor the temperature of the laboratory.


Technical services:

Random accessories:

A set of transmittance measuring software, output curves and reports. See figure 1, figure 2.

Brand printer:

High performance computer with Lenovo brand;

Stainless steel smoke exhaust system. (use of strong exhaust and switch control)

Recommended size: 4.5mx deep 4Mx length 6m

Laboratory room temperature requirements: 25 + 5 ° C

Use environment:

Ground level, good ventilation, free of inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas and dust.

There is no strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby.

Proper maintenance space surrounds the equipment.


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HOOHA GROUP provide a series of solution for the layout design of cable plant, machine matching, shipping and installation. It means you only spend less money on machine and can enjoy such services and save time.
1.We are the cable equipment manufacturer.
2.Professional engineer team with long-term research and development in the field of cable equipment.
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4.Our machine use the international qualified brand components,like Siemens,Omron,Nsk,lg etc
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