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HOOHA Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is an enterprise focusing on the wire and cable making machine industry. We provide comprehensive solutions, including wire and cable factory construction, raw material supply, equipment production, operation consulting and technical guidance and other services. As a leading company in high-end equipment solutions for wires and cables, we are committed to providing diversified solutions for wire and cable production lines of various specifications around the world. With decades of industry experience, we understand the problems customers may encounter when purchasing equipment and finished products from other manufacturers, so we provide one-stop service solution products from high-end raw materials to finished products. We strictly control every link to provide customers with trustworthy and high-quality services.

HOOHA focuses on serving the global wire cable making machine production field. Our products have not only passed CE certification, but have also been highly recognized by authoritative certification agencies such as Alibaba SGS and MIC SGS. This proves the high quality and reliability of our products. In addition, our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world, including the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia, providing solutions to customers around the world. Our proud professional technical team has more than 10 years of overseas installation experience, ensuring that our overseas consulting services have zero negative reviews and are highly recognized by customers.

Why choose HOOHA?

Rich experience: We have decades of experience in the wire and cable industry and understand the various challenges and needs within the industry. This enables us to provide our clients with professional advice and solutions.

Global services: Our services cover the world and are exported to more than 50 countries. Our professional technical team has extensive overseas installation experience and provides customers with excellent services.

High quality and reliability: Our products, such as cable extrusion machines, computer power cable making machine, aluminum wire drawing machine and other products undergo strict quality control to ensure high quality and reliability. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions to meet their needs.

HOOHA Co., Ltd. is your reliable partner in the field of cable extrusion machines. We are committed to providing diversified solutions and providing customers with high-quality wire and cable production lines, raw materials and equipment. We look forward to cooperating with you to jointly promote the development of the wire and cable industry. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to support you.

Development History



















Engaged in extrusion machine and bunching machine project. HOOHA cable making machine factory started on 2003 , annual turnover is 3,500,000 USD, covers an area of about 10,000 square meters and has our own warehouse to store goods.

Engaged in drawing machine project.

Launched out into tube stranding machine,frame stranding machine,laying up machine project.

Specialized in providing turnkey service of the whole cable plant project.

Specialized in in up casting project and continuous casting and rolling project.

Specialized in supplying wire and cable,and testing equipment.

Committed to supplying raw materials such as metal materials including copper, aluminum etc., and insulation materials including PVC,PE,XLPE,aluminum foil and so on.

Dedicated to providing integration service covering the whole cable and wire industry chain.

Committed to one-stop service from raw materials to equipment to terminal.

Company Culture
  • Our aim

    To be a world-class supplier providing wire & cable manufacturing and using solution.

  • Our vision

    To make wire& cable manufacturing and using more humanized.

  • Our target

    More professional customer service,struggle for employee's dreams.Focus On Wire Making And Cable Using Solution.To Be Expert Team In The Wire And Cable Industry,Guide Your Investment,Making Money Faster.

Team Presentation

Joe Chi

Plant Manager


Machine Designer


Machanical Engineer


Cable Engineer


Equipment Engineer

Our factory
Our market and partners
HOOHA Market
We have provided professional wire and cable solution for more than 100 customers around the world.

THe Main Markets Are As Follow

1.Southeast Asia
2.South Asia
3.East Asia
4.North America
5.South America
6.Eastern Europe
8.The Middle East

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Cabex Certification

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