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How they find HOOHA ?

It’s a recommendation from the engineer who works in the data cable full factory project that we did in Dubai . They contact our manager - Joe who in charge of the whole operation . Then we start discussing their need and what we can do .

The Client’s background

They are a honorable lan cable manufacturer in South Port Said , Egypt . Their factory has been visited several time by the governor and they have been interviewed by several TV channel in Egypt .

Client’s Original Machine

A.3 sets of triple pair twisting machine

B.1 set of complete extrusion sheath line for PVC

C.1 set of incomplete extrusion sheath line for LSZH

The Original need of the client’s


  • 01

    Extrusion parts

    Aimed to complete their incomplete extrusion machine into a insulation line .

  • 02

    Manufacturing material

    Used for manufacture the designing cable product they want .

  • 03

    Testing equipment

    For QC of the product , and establish a quality lab for the plant .

  • 04

    New machine

    Aim for conduct patch cord terminal processing + patch cord material .

HOOHA’s response and suggestion .
(separate PI , purchase together)

Because the shetah material for lan cable is PVC and LSZH while the insulation material is HDPE and the machine model for sheath is 65/70 while the insulation line is 50+35 at maximum , so that the inner material for the main machine is not suitable to be adapted to HDPE extrusion . So we suggest a new insulation machine instead of adapting the old machine into a total different model . Also the client express their intention for upgrade their product to cat 7 , so we suggest a chemical foaming insulation extruder . And the incomplete machine will be completed and serve as another sheath line .

For material , we required detailed size of the client’s cable design .

For testing equipment , we show a list of the general testing equipment that our Chinese client use for their quality lab .

New machine for patch cord .

Designing layout for client’s new project
Information Confirmation before manufacturing
(partially show)
Finished product
Final checking list and shipping


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