HH-D- Steel Wire Drawing Machine
HH-D- Steel Wire Drawing Machine

HH-D- Steel Wire Drawing Machine

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Product Introduction
A unique application as it combines non-slip and slip, straight line wire drawing – a true industry pioneer to produce carbon and alloy steel wire. Optional to change from non-slip to slip wire drawing by simply electronically adjusting the slip percentage in each die step. The wire reduction is individually set in each die step for more precision and customization options. The wet drawing machine is equipped with an individually driven torque (non-slip) or speed control (slip). The advanced lubrication and cooling system covers the complete drawing area by pumping the liquid via pipes to the drawing part.
Product Parameters
Key Features
1. High operation speed
2. Zero to maximum reduction setting in each die step possible
3. Optional to have same cone size
4. Easy and quick die change
5. Tank and pipes in Stainless Steel and PP plastic
6. Heat exchanger for bath cooling

Technical Parameters
1 No. of reductions: From 2 to unlimited
2 Reduction between blocks: From 0 to max. wire capacity
3 Wire inlet: Customizable
4 Wire outlet: Customizable
5 Block size: Customizable
6 Block coating: Tungsten carbide or ceramic
7 Max. speed: 40m +/s
9 Material to draw: All materials
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