How they find HOOHA ?

The clients came to China in 2019 for the ABC project, visited and compared dozens of cable machine suppliers in China, and was finally attracted by our professional knowledge, high-quality machine and excellent service, directly decided to cooperate with us.

The Client's background

They are a huge conglomerate. Leading the Manufacturing Units of Woven Sacks, Electrical Cables & Spiral Steel Pipes and the Trading of Construction, Mining, Related Small Industrial Use Machines & Farm Machinery. They want to start a new ABC project so that they came to China and choose a reliable partner to help them.


HOOHA's response and suggestion




Designing layout for client's new project
Finished product


  • Demand communication

    a. Preliminary demand communication
    b. Provide suggestions
    c. Both parties confirm the cooperation intention
    d. The customer pays and confirms the order
    e. Finalize the final plan

  • Production tracking

    a. Check the parameters again and start production.
    b. Equipment production, real-time update progress.

  • Delivery on time

    a. Production completed, installation and commissioning.
    b. Output circuit diagrams and user manuals.
    c. Pack the box and transport by freight forwarder.

  • After-sales services

    a. Customer acceptance.
    b. Start after-sales and other value-added services.

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