How they find HOOHA ?

In 2012, Our Egypt customer started the first cooperation with us, and has been maintaining an in-depth cooperative relationship with HOOHA from then on. In the beginning, customers became interested in our machines on our Youtube channel and contacted us. After preliminary communication, we learned that customers do not have much experience in the production of high-temperature cables. They have spent a lot of time and energy in the research phase, but there were still many doubts remained unsolved. In order to offer customers full support, our engineers team gave them a series of guidance and suggestions for the launch of new high-temperature cable projects. In addition, they were also invited to visit our factory and our customer's production site to get a clearer understanding of the entire project start-up process. After the visit, we provided our customers with some high-temperature cables produced by our equipment for them to test. For the results of the test, the quality and standards of the cables have been evaluated to the satisfaction of the customers.

The Client's background

1995, clientstarted the agency supplies to serve the Electronics manufacturers. 1997, added the field of agency supplies to serve the white goods manufacturers.Splitting the departments to be xxxElectronics and xxxWhite goods. 1999, splitting the Rajamec White goods department into Rajamec White Goods Cooling department (Refrigerators and air conditions components) joined also the washing machines, and xxxWhite Goods heating department. (Ovens, gas and electrical water heaters components) 2000, adding the project analysis department in xxxEgypt. This department is mainly responsible for initiating a project from just an idea of the customer, the engineering studies, the feasibility studies, the building over of the assembly line, molds design and the supply of the kits. 2001, the establishment of Egypt Harness factory for wiring harness. 2003, the establishment of xxxfor feeding Industries, namely for producing the spark igniters for the automatic ignition ovens. 2004, the establishment of xxxSilicon, for producing Silicon sectors products. 2004, added the trading department in xxxEgypt. Mainly for the import and the distribution of the components of the ovens as the spark generators, the grill motors, the timers, the burners, the steel bars, the switches -- e.t.c. also the shock absorber of the washing machines

The clients need in original

  • 01

    Extrusion Machine

    Teflon Extrusion Machine, PVC wire extrusion machine

  • 02

    Manufacturing material


  • 03

    Bunching Machine

    For stranded conductor material at Copper wire

  • 04

    Test Machine

    for testing the cable in finished







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