Congratulations to Lucy making an order with a new customer in Brazil

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Congratulations to our colleague Lucy on her deal with a new customer from Brazil !

This Brazil customer came up from HOOHA google website ( ),  he wanted to consult cat5 cable making machine at first, but our colleague Lucy with her expertise, through the analysis of the customer's country, market, and competitors, the customer decided to upgrade his cat5e network cable to cat6 cable, and decided to buy HOOHA cat6 network cable samples for testing and then gradually invest cat6 making machine.
HOOHA is not only professional in wire and cable manufacturing equipment, but also has clients and factory resources that can make cat 7 and even cat 8 network cables. Their products are sold to high end market like the United States, with an annual output value of 200-300 million. If your network cable needs to be upgraded in the future, we can also provide you witha full set of network cable technical support.

2022.7.29 confirm the order

2022.8.6 finished the payment

2022.8.8 packing the cable

HOOHA cat6 cable has passed TDR test

HOOHA is always committed to providing the most satisfactory solutions to our customers.If you have any needs and questions, please contact us: +861 3712309671 , we will be able to answer your questions and customize a service plan that best suits your needs.

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