Final stop of HOOHA’s business trip in Indonesia - Batam

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Today we are in Batam , visiting our potential client here . They have some quality old machine from Taiwan industry . Machines are in good quality but still have some small glitch over years of service . That doesn ’ t stop our engineer , we help our client maintaining and regulating their machine from other maker on the spot .

HOOOHA engineer examine buncher that have constant wire breaking situation .


The client had purchased some new coiling and wrapping machine earlier this year . This device is originated from China , and their original maker did not offer any installation tips and instruction manual . With their adequate experience , they manage to operate the machine at a minimum capacity , but still not operating at the best shape . This is a typical situation that explain the importance of technical support for the machine , which is one of the best characteristic of HOOHA .

Fortunately , coiling and wrapping machine is signature automatic cable machine in China , and it ’ s one of our manufacturing machine . So we help setting up the machine and regulate it into its best shape .


Then we sit down and discuss about new projects .

With friendly communication ended , we finished our trip in Batam , further discussion would be discussed through our sales team and our client .

In total , this is a good visitation . Thanks for Batam 's warm hospitality .


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