HOOHA New Product--Machine Mold Heating Cleaning Device !

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HOOHA recently launched a new product——extruder mold heating and cleaning equipment. Once this machine was launched, it was purchased by many of our old customers. The carbonization and combustion are all completed in the smelting tool, and there is no leakage!
The advantages of this machine are as follows:

1. Clean and easy to clean, exhaust gas can be collected, clean and hygienic

2. Customized processing according to the mold, and different smelting tools can be changed

3. Small size, light weight, simple and quick operation

4. Low surface temperature, anti-scald, safe and reliable operation
5. The sealing device is airtight, and the carbonization is completely protected by nitrogen and argon.

Such a dirty honeycomb board can be cleaned after being put into this machine. If you also have the requirement to clean the extrusion machine mold, welcome contact us: +8613763134250.

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