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After ‘ Wire South America ’ . Hooha team departure in the night for clients visit. Our first stop is located Cabreúva, a family operation. The company focuses on family members and corporate employees, and their company atmosphere is unlike anything we've ever seen! Under the concept of cooperation and solidarity, the wires they produce have been well received by customers.

Hooha this trip is searching for a long term cooperation relationship in new project. In the next few years. Brazil cable industry will developing fastly than before because the tendencie.

Second stop in Sorocaba, a Japan cooperation, business on optical fiber cable.
Hooha is expanding lan cable and optical fiber cable business in Brazil. In South America, optic fiber cable will be popular products in the future.

Third stop in Manaus, Brazil. Ensure can improve customer ’ s capacity. On behalf of Hooha, Mr. Jack go there for new solution and project discussion.
  1. Hooha is focus on turnkey project is bring user more convenient, from air/water/gas/electric system. Layout and factory build improve the efficient and save more time.
  2. Every conditions they need, we provided before payment. Be a export and guider. Especially for the customer from 0 to 1.
  3. The after-sales service. We can send the engineer to help you maintaince in local.

In our humble opinion , it's the service and sense of peace that matter the most . It's meaningless if you get a good machine without installing them properly and use them well . Also it's counter productive if you get a low price machine without long term using .

Hooha takes around 1 month in Egypt in August 2023 to visit cooperated clients in Egypt to examine their machine and doing maintenance for free . We notice that many clients' factory has more or less "useless" equipment , which they purchase it but the supplier didn't offer any assistance on installation and operation . This situation is not only happened in Egypt, Brazil have same situation. Especially the machine capacity.
We will see you soon in Brazil, Next time we will be partner.
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