2018 Tanzania ABC/ASCR Cable Project

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In December 2018, Tanzanian customers visited our company and got apreliminary understanding of the basic situation of our company.

In 2019, Tanzanian customers came back to our companytwiceto discuss further business cooperation matters .Through comprehensive considerationsand comparisons with other suppliers in China, the customers reached an cooperation with us eventually.

1. DL13 RBD Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine
2. 630 /1+6 Tubular strander machine
3. 630/1+6+12 rigid stranding machine
4. 630/16+12+18+24 Rigid stranding machine
5. PLC 90 Extrusion Machine
6. PLC 120 Extrusion Machine
7. 1250/1+4 Bow strander machine
8. Rewinding machines 


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