Congratulations to Hooha's Syrian partner for visiting Hooha

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On May 15, 2023, Hooha welcomed two important Syrian partners. The customer's visit was mainly to check the production progress of the purchased cantilever single twisting machine and to discuss the details of the network cable project .

Since February this year, the customer placed an order for a set of cantilevered single twisting machine through the recommendation of our old Syrian customer who has been cooperating with us for four years and with the trust of our products.
Later, our company had good communication with this customer for many times, so that the customer had a detailed understanding of Hooha machinery, and also let us know the deep needs of each other.

After the customer indicated that he would come to visit Hooha, in order to let the customer feel our sincerity and enthusiasm, we made sufficient preparations in advance, including pick-up arrangement, hotel arrangement, food arrangement, factory visit, project plan, etc.

On May 15, 2023, Hooha arranged a car to receive the customer at the hotel where the customer stayed. Then, we arranged for someone to accompany the client to visit Hooha's equipment production department. We showed the customer our production plant and warehouse, and let the customer check the production of the purchased equipment, so that the customer could personally feel the strength and professionalism of our company.

Then, Hooha accompanied the customer to the production department of the network cable, and showed the customer the whole production process and production equipment of the network cable.
In the evening, Hooha went shopping with the customer and accompanied them to buy Chinese souvenirs for his family.

On May 1 6 , 2023, the customer came to Hooha's office for a business meeting. During the meeting, Hooha introduced our company's history, scale, products and services to the customer, so that he could have a better understanding of our company. Then, Hooha and the customer had a deep discussion on the power canle project and the network cable project, and Hooha's network cable whole plant solution, advanced technology and suitable price also impressed the customer, and finally the customer added more equipment and said there will be deep cooperation.

At last, Hooha and the customer took a group photo.

This visit is another friendly cooperation between Hooha and the Syrian customer, which reflects the high trust of the customer to our company, Hooha welcomes every customer's visit and deep discussion, Hooha is willing to work together with everyone to create the future! Welcome to contact us: + 86 137 6313 4250

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