Grand Opening of Wire China 2023 on September 4

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  1. Exhibition Introduction
  2. Range of Exhibits
  3. Exhibition Highlights
1.Exhibition Introduction

The 10 thAllChina- International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair (wireChina2023) was founded in 2004, has grown into Asia's leading wire and cable industry exhibition.

The theme of wire China 2023 is "strengthening the industry chain, congregating for intelligent development". It is committed to improving the development of the industry chain, by discussions on new economic trends and new development patterns, analyzing the development status of the local and international wire and cable industry, and further promoting the prosperous development of the wire and cable industry.

2. Range of E xhibits

The range of exhibits of this exhibition: wire production and refining machinery, including cable processing equipment, fasteners and springs manufacturing and finishing machinery, cable forming machines and stranding machines, auxiliary processing materials, materials and special wire and cable, measurement and control technology, etc.

3.Exhibition Highlights

HOOHA has three booths: Extruders Booth in Hall 3, Booth E3A41, Accessories Booth in Hall 1, Booth E1B72, and Packaging Equipment Booth in Hall 1, Booth E1C63B.

The grand opening of Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) was held on September 4th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. On the first day, H OO HA booth welcomed high quality customers from all over the world, and the whole exhibition site was crowded.

The long-awaited industry event greatly released the industry trade demand, and the atmosphere of business negotiation was very warm at the HOOHA booth.

At the same time, this exhibition also ushered in a lot of cooperation has long been the old customers.
In this China Cable & Wireless, HOOHA team had the honor to show our products and communicate with many professionals in the industry.

The exhibition also enabled the HOOHA team to understand the changes in market demand. Nowadays, customers are demanding more and more from their cables, not only good performance, but also a full range of services. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the market dynamics, continuous product development and innovation to meet customer needs.

Finally, the Wire China 2023 ended successfully on September 7th at the Shanghai New International Expo .

After the exhibition, many customers also came to visit our company as well as visit our factory for more in-depth communication, laying a solid foundation for reaching cooperation .

The organizers have meticulously organized several themed technical exchange conferences and activities during wire China 2023. Various forums with different themes including Industrial Economy sub- forum, Green and Low-Carbon sub-forum, Intelligent Manufacturing sub-forum and Digital Innovation sub-forum are scheduled.

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