HOOHA Cable Engineer Mr Chen services in Vietnam(2021-2022)

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HOOHA has been committed to the development of the Southeast Asian market. Vietnam, as a trade transfer station, enjoys the tax-free policy and benefits of multinational exports. Through several years of hard work, our products have gradually entered the Vietnamese market, and the products in clude wire and cable equipment, network cable equipment, optical fiber equipment, etc. Among the Vietnamese customers we have cooperated with, there are companies from Taiwan that have relocated to Vietnam to set up factories, and customers from Turkey who produce optical fibers in Vietnam, assemble them and export them all over the world. Vietnam and China are neighbors. Our mature supply chain in China has given Vietnam a lot of support, and it has also given us the opportunity to cooperate with more outstanding Vietnamese companies.

In 2021, our Taiwanese customers will add network cable production lines in Vietnam. After the equipment arrives, our network cable engineers will safely arrive at the Vietnamese customer's factory on December under the severe epidemic situation, and assist them to successfully complete the equipment installation and production. Their urgent need for equipment installation and orders has been greatly affirmed by customers.

1.Lan cable engineer Mr. Chen (20 years of cable technology manufacturing experience)

2. Equipment works perfectly in Vietnam

3. Successfully completed the service, returned to China, and implemented 14+7 isolation in accordance with Chinese custom polic y.

In 2021, when the new Corona epidemic was serious, we did not hesitate, but went to the scene to face difficulties and challenges with customers, and finally handed over a satisfactory answer sheet, so that customers' production could be launched quickly, even when others were facing the new crown epidemic. When the situation was hesitant, our client seized the opportunity. Received 90% of US orders.
In 2022, Vietnamese customers have highly recognized our equipment operation status and our technical support after more than one year of equipment operation. Now customers have added production lines of optical fibers. In the competition of many enterprises, customers believe that our price, technology, product quality, and the value we can bring to them are in line with the development of their enterprises, so they ordered a batch of optical fibers from our company. equipment.
On October 19, 2022, our Mr chen flight to Vietnam again, walked into the customer's factory, and together with their employees, we also look forward to his successful completion of this mission and his successful return.

The development of HOOHA is inseparable from the support of customers. We have always insisted on this industry, and there are many engineers who have worked for more than 20 years. They love this profession as much as we do. By walking into the customer's country, seeing your culture, through the wires and cables produced by our equipment, bring electricity and light to illuminate your country. Looking forward to meeting more of you.


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