HOOHA Team In Indonesia 2023.7.16-7.23

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2023 is the first year of the end of the epidemic, and everyone is returning with anticipation and confidence. In the past three years of the epidemic, everyone has encountered various difficulties, such as raw material prices, sea freight prices, and US dollars. In these 3 years, we are very grateful to our old and new customers for their support to HOOHA. In these 3 years, we have completed 2 network cable projects. Our engineering team flew to Dubai and Vietnam provided installation, training, and technical guidance to customers, enabling them to operate and produce in a timely manner. Our services have not stopped due to the epidemic, and we always work with our customers to face challenges and achieve success.

1.story with client in Dubai : https://www.hoohahk.com/case/en/Case-20220303-101906.html
2.Technical team in Vietnam https://www.hoohahk.com/news/en/News-20221024-025445.html

2023, May hooha attended interwire exposition in the Atlanta , USA. June Hooha attended wire Russia fair. We saw many old friends appearing at the exhibition, which they shared their stories over the years and their confidence in the future.There are also many new friends appearing at the exhibition, looking for opportunities to expand their business and market. Some customers have told us that due to the pandemic, raw materials, sea freight, and delivery times have been greatly affected. They are starting to build their own new factories and produce their own wires to enhance their order capabilities with their customers and partners.

They understand that we have been exporting mechanical equipment in this cable industry for 13 years and were able to provide installation services during the pandemic, believing that we are a very responsible and trustworthy company. It also gave us the opportunity to provide quotes and services for the equipment they wanted. meanwhile we get the new orders from our client recommend too.

3.Client recommend in lan cable project story at : https://www.wirecablemakingmachine.com/case.html
In June 2023,some cooperative clients in Southeast Asia invited us to visit their companies. in July our plant manager, cable making engineer, machine engineer team visit Indonesia clients from July 16 th to 26 th . they are PT KMI , PT KARYA MEGA , PT Multi Kencana etc.

They are wire and cable companies with decades of history. Some of our equipment has been operating in the factory for several years.our engineers helped the customer inspect the machine and communicated with them about the operation of the equipment. the customer proposed the parts they wanted to replace,as well as new requirements,such as multi head wire drawing machines,cantilever single stranding machines,cable testing equipment,etc.

Our next itinerary will depart from Malaysia and Vietnam .

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