India client visit factory,May 16,2023

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On May 1 6 , 202 3 , H OOHA warmly treated our clients came from India
This client came from our YouTube channel (our youtube is the top 1 now) and was very interested in our fully automatic cable coiling and wrapping machine. So they i mmediately came to visit our factory. We received them warmly a nd invite them to have lunch together.

In the afternoon,we took the clients to visit our factory, and the clients highly affirmed the scale of our factory and the quality of the machines.

After visiting the factory, we discussed the customer's needs in detail in the meeting room, and the customer showed us the samples they brought.
Our engineers made two suitable solution for the customer on site, and after continuous analysis and comparison, the customer finally chose the most suitable plan for him.

After the discussing , we had a very happy group photo. Customers highly recognized our professionalism and expressed their expectation to cooperate in the future.

HOOHA is always committed to providing reliable and long-term service to meet our clients need.
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