Malaysia Trip-Melaka City

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First stop in Malaysia: the city of Malacca.

Hooha's technical team was the first to visit the customer who had purchased the wire braiding machine during Covis-19.

The customer was established in 1997 and is a well-known local manufacturer of electrical box parts in Malacca.

Hooha's technical team arrived at the customer's production plant and, after listening to the customer's feedback, immediately inspected and repaired all the machines owned by the customer, proposed solutions and taught the customer how to effectively increase production and maintain the machines.

During the factory visit, the customer revealed to us a new requirement: copper tubes. This will be applied to the relevant cable tube coverings.

During the meeting, customers raised relevant technical questions, and Hooha engineers answered them one by one.

Jack, the person in charge, introduced Hooha and Hooha's products to the customers, so that the customers have a deeper understanding of Hooha, which will help them to have an in-depth understanding of the customer's future career development.

Customer feedback video:

Thanks to the hospitality of our customers, Hooha is always on the road!

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