UAE client visit shenzhen branch office,July 6th,2023

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Thanks Mr. Mr. Jeseem for meeting with us to discuss more
details of fire resistant cable making machines with our team.
On July 06 , 2023, we discussed at our office in Nanshan District Software Park, Shenzhen about the extrusion line(packing machine and spool still included) .

1.Meeting that we discuss to confirm
A: Structure and diameter of wire( Picture below)
B: Lead time to your factory : The production date is 90 days, the transportation period is 20 days, and it takes 4-5 months from the production to the port

2. The next step
A: We will provide a chart about some relative machine for you
B: We will provide you with some videos and photos once the extruder of our Turkey project is finished at silicone cable extrusion line.

3.The advantage of cooperate with Hooha.
A: Opportunities for complete technical support
B: Team service opportunities
C: Plant solution and machine design
D: Many years of overseas project experience
E: Life time after sales online consultation service

Hope to have the opportunity to further understand,Hooha is willing to accompany our customers to grow, guide their investment, and make money fast.

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