Egyptian customers visited and cooperated with us 2019

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The Egyptian customers came to visit our company in June 2019. After the customer's in-depth understanding of our company, the customers and our company established a cooperative relationship. After the visit, the customers made a deposit and signed a contract of 1.5 million RMB. This transaction was a cash transaction. The equipment required by the customers is customized. After detailed discussions, we have provided specializd equipment solutions to meet the customers' needs.

Two months later, the Egyptian customers came to our factory again to further discuss cooperation matters, and at the same time visit our factory to check the products. We finally reached a happy cooperation.

The customers carried out the power cord project. We finally provided high speed bunching machines, extrusion machines, coiling and wrapping machines, bobbins and other equipment according to the customers' special requirements, Specific as follows.

(1)PLC 70+40 extrusion machine

(2)Cable coiling and wrapping machine

(3)630 High Speed Bunching Machine

(4) 60 bobbins of 630


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