Hooha Has An Long Term Cooperation with Egypt Customer Since 2012

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In 2012, Our Egypt customer started the first cooperation with us, and has been maintaining an in-depth cooperative relationship with HOOHA from then on. In the beginning, customers became interested in our machines on our Youtube channel and contacted us. After preliminary communication, we learned that customers do not have much experience in the production of high-temperature cables. They have spent a lot of time and energy in the research phase, but there were still many doubts remained unsolved. In order to offer customers full support, our engineers team gave them a series of guidance and suggestions for the launch of new high-temperature cable projects. In addition, they were also invited to visit our factory and our customer's production site to get a clearer understanding of the entire project start-up process. After the visit, we provided our customers with some high-temperature cables produced by our equipment for them to test. For the results of the test, the quality and standards of the cables have been evaluated to the satisfaction of the customers.


Based on the overall understanding of HOOHA's production capacity and equipment quality, the customer quickly decided to cooperate with us. In the process of cooperation, we offered a complete upstream and downstream supply chain solution to our customers, which helped them remove a lot of confusion. Before delivery, we provided customers with quality assurance and invite them to make on-site inspections. we would not arrange shipment until the quality was guaranteed.

HOOHA pays great attention to our after-sales service. After the equipment was successfully shipped to our customer's factory, our engineers team have arranged on-site installation support and operation training to assist customers in better cable production. In addition, we have provided related technical support videos and files to fully support them. After the engineers return to China, we still provide free technical consultation and do our best to solve the technical problems encountered in their daily production.


Since 2013, customers will bring their samples and high-temperature wire products to the China Canton Fair (Spring Fair, Autumn Fair) every year, and they have won more overseas customers at the fair. In 2016, their company developed and established 3 new subsidiaries and added new production lines.

In the development of our customers business,HOOHA have always been by our customers’side.We are not only providing equipment support, but also helping them with production technology and full service. We are very gratified that their products have won the recognition of the market.

HOOHA sincerely hope that our customers will develop better and better



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