ABS Plastic Spool
ABS Plastic Spool
ABS Plastic Spool
ABS Plastic Spool
ABS Plastic Spool
ABS Plastic Spool

ABS Plastic Spool

Used for wire winding

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Product Description
Payment: TT 100% in advance

Packing: Customized and is extra cost

MOQ: 10 pieces

Transport: From Humen Town, DongGuan, China to Shenzhen port

Application: For wire and cable winding, especially insulated cable


1) Unitary body of perfect balance.

(2) It's injected by ABS, PS, and other alloy materials.

(3) High strength, no kinking, durable, support recycle using.

(4) Minimum tolerance can reach to 0.05 mm.

Material   ABS or PS or PP
Weight   8600g
Top flange diameter d1 500mm
Bottom flange diameter D1 500mm
Top barrel diameter d2 250mm
Bottom barrel diameter D2 250mm
Traverse length H1 250mm
Overall length H2 300mm
Bore diameter d3 56mm
Thickness of top flange A1 25mm
Thickness of bottom flange A2 25mm
Locking pins diameter d4 26mm
Locking pins to the center distance E 70-100mm
Packing And Shipping
Wooden package:
1. Protective, More Safer
2. Easy to loading
3. More package quantities 

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