Bow Type Stranding Machine
Bow Type Stranding Machine
Bow Type Stranding Machine
Bow Type Stranding Machine

Bow Type Stranding Machine

Used for high cross-section cable laying up

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Product Description
The equipment is mainly used for cabling of flexible structural cables such as control cables, mining cables and rubber sheathed cables.

Product Parameter
1 Maximum single wire diameter 20mm
2 The maximum speed of the bow is 179r/min
3 Strand pitch 73.5~676mm
4 The maximum speed of double coiled toe head 800r/min
5 Double coiled toe head pitch Stepless adjustable
6 Pulley diameter F 1600mm
7 Traction line speed 13.1-121m/min
8 Specification of center pay off reel PN800-PN1250
9 Pay-off reel specification PN1250
10 Specification of take-up reel PN1250-PN2500
11 Main motor 75kW(AC)
12 Double coil wrap motor 15kW (AC variable frequency motor)
13 Equipment center height 1000mm
1.1 1250 end shaft type pay-off frame 1 set
1.2 well lead frame 1 set
1.3 5 reels 1 set
1.4 Parallel die set 1 set
1.5 600 double coil wrapping device 1 set
1.6 Mechanical and electronic meter counter 1 set
1.7 1600 Two-wheel traction device 1 set
1.8 2500 end shaft type cable take-up frame 1 set
1.9 Mechanical transmission system 1 set
1.10 Electrical control system 1 set

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