Coiling Head
Coiling Head
Coiling Head
Coiling Head
Coiling Head
Coiling Head

Coiling Head

Used for coiling machine, for wire winding.

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Product Description
1. Application
- Use for: building wire and cable coiling
- Use which place: use on the extrusion machine take up
- Function: fast speed take up the cable as a coil and fast speed for packing

2. Parameter
inner diameter adjust width outer diameter
130 35-100 280/320
140 35-100 360/400
150 35-100 360/400
160 35-100 360/400
180 75-150 500
200 75-150 500
100 35-100 350
120 35-100 280/320

3. Feature

1. Automatic tightening and rapid beating plate can be completed in 2-3 seconds. After the winding of the wire tied on the machine and can be easily removed. Easy to operate.

2. The position of the tailgate of the quick loader can be adjusted by sliding freely, which can meet the requirements of
different punching heights.

3. The height of 3 baffles can be customized according to different size requirements.

4. Wire tie height: 50-200mm

5. Number of slots: 3 slots

6. Inner diameter of wire tie: 85-300mm

Shipping And Packing
1. MOQ: 1 Piece
2. Payment: TT
3. Term: EXW/FOB/CIF
4. Delivery Time: 20 days
5. Package: PE film+wooden package

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