Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine
Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine
Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine
Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine
Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine
Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine

Extra Thin Fluoroplastic Cable Extrusion Machine

This line is design to produce fluoroplastic insulated cable with extra thin size , output cable product are widely used in electronic , aerospace , medical area .

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Product Introduction
1. Application
a. Suitable for producing cable that require high temperature tenacity .  
b. Finished product is generally used in aerospace , medical , high-precision circuit , etc . 
c. Extrusion material is FEP , PFA , ETFE . 
d. The industrial computer control system realizes online product quality monitoring, storage,recall and product quality fault printing function,one-button acceleration and deceleration function, reducing personnel input and improving production efficiency.
e. Simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance.
Product Parameters
1. Main specification
Model HH20 HH25 HH30 HH40
Machine Usage Used for micro-fine coaxial wire, High frequency signal transmission wire and other wire&cable teflon insulation extrusion.
Wire specification φ0.2-0.6mm φ0.3-0.8mm φ0.3-1.5mm φ0.8-2.5mm
Screw parameters L/D radio: 28.:1,
Material:Germany HASTELLOY-276/USA Inconel-600/China CH113.
3+2 3+2 3+2 3+2

3KW Servo motor 4KW Servo motor 7.5HP 10HP
Highest output 5KG/H 8KG/H 12KG/H 30KG/H
Highest wire speed 180M/MIN 180M/MIN 180M/MIN 180M/MIN
Accumulate parameters φ60~120 alloy aluminum wheel,surface anodizing,fixed port 10 grooves+moving port 11 grooves,
Horizontal accumulator,length 6M,accumulate wire length 100M,[ightweight precision slide rail.
Capstan power 1KW Servo motor 1KW Servo motor 2KW Servo motor 2KW Servo motor
Pay-offs type Automatic shaft-type active pay-offs, apply to φ100~300 bobbin,Slider swinging rod hammer
tension type structure, Online tension test display combined with dividing rule(r) with break line protection.
Take-ups type Double-shaft take-ups with traversing,3HP motor with frequency conversion speed regulation,
can single/linkage running,auto stop when reach the meter quantity,apply to φ100-300 bobbin.

2. Machine component
No. Item QTY
1 Φ 200-300 Full automatic pay-off 1
2 Copper wire preheater 1
3 Filtering straightening unit 1
4 Φ 25mm Teflon Extrusion Mainframe 1
5 Main electrical temperature control box(PLC with 14 inch touch screen) 1
6 U7 Teflon machine specialized nose ( with vacuum-pumping system ) 1
7 1.2 meters active sink) 1
8 6 meters single-layer cooling sink 1
9 High precision horizonal storage stand - 9 meters 1
10 Φ 318mm single-wheel belt drawer 1
11 Φ 200-300mm double spool winder with 10 inch touching screen 1
12 Whole machine controlling system box 1
14 Accurate eccentric instrumen t (American Betalasermike) 1
15 Water electrostatic capacity tester (Betalasermike) 1
16 LED large screen board display 1
17 External diameter concave and convex detector(Japan TAKIAWA) 1
18 Independent online monitoring and detecting engineer system(17 inch screen ) 1
19 Laser outer diameter measuring and controlling instrument(LDM-302H-XY/LDM-210EX)(JapanTAKIAWA) 1

3. Main brands for parts
  • Main motor: Taiwan Futian or (Inovance servo motor)
  • Drive mode: Japan Yaskawa inverter + Inovance servo control
  • Thermostat: Japan Omron (or RKC) thermostat
  • Screw cylinder: imported German HASTELLOY-27 Hastelloy, designed by Canada KRONG company, length-diameter ratio: 26:1
  • Crosshead; domestic Teflon custom head
  • Electrical parts: imported Schneider, Japan Izumi, Shilin and other well-known brands.
  • Human-machine interface: Taiwan Weilun
  • Pneumatic components: SMC
  • Bearings :Japanese NSK or equivalent brands,
  • Electrical components : German brands
  • Transmission belts : American/German brands.

4. Crosshead and extrusion pattern

5. Essential components to maintain high speed and extrusion quality
Motorized pay-off Servo Motor Drive extruder Vacuum extraction equipment

6. Online Testing equipment (Swiss Zumbach/German Sikora)
Eccentricity Under water capacitance Spark tester
Product Additional Service Description

1. Full machine customization 
2. Machinery installation layout design

3. On-spot installation service (negotiable)

4. Whole factory layout design

5. Accessories supply 
Tips and dies Heating plate Bobbins and reels

6. 24-hours consulting team

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