Extruder Mould
Extruder Mould
Extruder Mould
Extruder Mould
Extruder Mould
Extruder Mould

Extruder Mould

Used for wire extruding, install in extrusion machine

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Product Description
1. Application
Tungsten carbide extrusion tips and dies are used in extruding plastic insulation onto wire, cable, and fiber optic cable. The 100% concentricity verification test assures proper wire centering to provide consistent and accurate electrical characteristics in the insulated conductor. Concentricity to 0.0002 in (0.005 mm) T.I.R. is guaranteed on all single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond extrusion tips.

2. Materials
Special steel alloys
Nitrided steel
Hardened steel
Alloy for fluoropolymer
100%Tungsten carbide
Steel with tungsten carbide insert
Other special materials

3. Drawing

Manufacturing And Testing
1. Blank Casting
2. Setting
3. Coning
4. Cylindrica Grinding
5. Laser Drilling
6. Shaping and Polishing
7. Hole Size Calibration
8. Casing Polishing
9. Label Processing
10. Finished Moulds
11. Quality Checking

Shipping And Packing
Delivery dates: 10-20 days
Payment: TT or L/C
After service phone number online
Package: PE film+foaming film+plastic box+carton box
Transportation cost:
To Africa: USD 75
To South Asia: USD 45
To South America: USD 135


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