Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine
Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine
Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine
Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine
Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine
Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine

Foam-skin physical Foaming Insulation Extrusion Machine

This line is design to conduct insulation for lan cable of CAT6A SF/FTP - CAT8 , USB cable 3.0 , HDMI 2.1 , coaxial cable , etc .

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Product Introduction
1. Application
a. Suitable for producing foam-skin , skin-foam insulation process . 
b. Widely used in producing data cable , signal cable , USB cable insulation . 
c. Foaming method is physical foaming . 
d. The industrial computer control system realizes online product quality monitoring, storage,recall and product quality fault printing function,one-button acceleration and deceleration function, reducing personnel input and improving production efficiency.
e. Simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance.
Product Parameters
1. Main specification
Model Number HH30+25 HH40+30 HH50+35 HH60+35
Core wire specification AWG36~AWG30 AWG32~AWG26 AWG30~AWG24 AWG28~AWG20
Extrusion material PVC、SR-PVC、HDPE、PP、PU、 Foam-PE
Screw parameter L/D:26~28,C/R:2.7~3.2,screw material:38CrMoAlA, vacuum malcomising surface plated & polished .
Temperature control zones
for exiruder+color injection)
4+3 4+3 4+3 4+3
Heating power 6KW 8KW 11KW 15KW
Main extruder power 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP
Capstan power 3HP 3HP 3HP 5HP
Max output 35KG/H 45KG/H 60KG/H 80KG/H
Max. speed 400M/MIN 500M/MIN 600M/MIN 800M/MIN
Movable flume Movable feedback thermostatic flume, heating power 9KW, amount of movement 500,
total length 1.7M,with double-sections air wiper
U-type cooling flume length 10M 10M 10M 10M
Accumulator parameter φ120-180 accumulator wheel,fixed wheel 10 grooves +movable wheel 11 grooves
standard/inclined accumulator, length 9M, accumulate quantity 200M
Pay-off type Motorized pay-off without axis mechanical lever structure,pay-off tension adjuusted by moving slider,
with tension displayer and wire brake protection,suitable for e300~500 wire bobbin
Take-up type Doublo-axisos take-up.3HP motor togother with froquency converter to adjust spoed, sing/inkageboth availabio
machine stoo when reach the set value,traversing by polshed rod orprecision serew,sutable for φ400~630 spools
Size(LxWxH) 20000X1500X2100 20000X1600×2100 20000×1700×2100 20000X1800×2100
Weight 6T 7T 7.5T 8.5T

2. Machine component
No. Name Q’ TY
1 Motorized pay-off 1 set
2 Copper Wire preposition tension stand 1 set
3 Copper wire preheating machine 1 set
4 Physical foaming main extruder 1 set
5 Automatic drying and feeding machine 1 set
6 Inner skinning extruder 1 set
7 Siemens PLC electric control box 1 set
8 1.5m Movable water tank with cover 1 set
9 Diameter tester 1 set
10 8m Fixed water tank with cover and leak-proof 1 set
11 Underwater static capacitance tester 1 set
12 12m Slide rail type + anode guide wheel storage rack 1 set
13 410mm tractor 1 set
14 Meter counter 1 set
15 High frequency spark tester 1 set
16 Double-head shaftless take-up stand 1 set
17 Accessories  
18 Nitrogen injection device 1 set

3. Main brands for parts
  • Motor: DONGGUAN motor
  • Frequency converter: Inovance
  • Temperature controller: RKC high-precise temperature controller (Japanese brand )
  • Electrical component:Japan,TAIWANG brand or homebred brand
  • Bearing: NSK,KOYO,ASAHI (Janpanese brand )
  • Touch screen : WEINVEIW (TAIWANG brand )
  • PLC : Siemens (German brand)

4. Crosshead and extrusion pattern

5. Essential components to maintain high speed and extrusion quality
Motorized pay-off High capacity extruder Nitrogen injection device + needle

6. Online Testing equipment (Swiss Zumbach/German Sikora)
Eccentricity Under water capacitance Spark tester
Product Additional Service Description

1. Full machine customization 
2. Machinery installation layout design

3. On-spot installation service (negotiable)

4. Whole factory layout design

5. Accessories supply 
Tips and dies Heating plate Bobbins and reels

6. 24-hours consulting team

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